Extension Ladders

Timber extension ladders, when fully extended, range in size from 3.3 metres up to 9.6 metres. All ladders are hand crafted using premium grade Oregon stiles and Karri rungs for optimum strength and durability. The ladders are finished with clear vanish for outdoor protection.

Size – Closed Size – Open Code Weight
2.1 metre 3.3 WLE21 20KG
2.4 metre 3.9 WLE24 22KG
2.7 metre 4.5 WLE27 24KG
3.0 metre 5.1 WLE30 26KG
3.3 metre 5.7 WLE33 28KG
3.6 metre 6.3 WLE36 30KG
4.2 metre 7.5 WLE42 32KG
4.8 metre 8.7 WLE48 34KG
5.4 metre 9.6 WLE54 42KG

All ladders built to Australian Standards, AS 1892.2 1992.

Clear markings and safety instructions on the ladders.

All extension ladders come equipped with a Pole Strap, Tie Rope and haul rope.

All ladders fitted with non-slip safety feet.

For a quote specific for your requirements and sizing, call 08 9497 3494.