Timber Ladders

Durability is a key feature of Western Ladders timber ladder products. Constructing ladders with high quality components and timber ensures a long service life for our ladders.

Traditional timber ladders are still the most suitable and economic ladders for many industrial applications. Key advantages of timber ladders over Aluminium and Fibreglass are durability, corrosion resistance and non-conductivity.

Our timber ladders are used in industries including:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Alumina smelters
  • Mine sites
  • Power utilities
  • Gas industries
  • High humidity locations

All ladders are clear vanish finished and hand crafted using premium grade Oregon stiles and Karri rungs for optimum strength and durability.

Ladders can be customised to individual client needs within the scope of the Australian Standards.
We also provide a testing and refurbishment program to maximise the safe working life of the ladders. It is not uncommon for timber ladders to last more than 20 years when proper use and maintenance is undertaken.

Our Timber Ladders include:

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