Safety Platforms

The new Safety platform ladder from LADDERFORCE provide a safe, portable means of working at heights. The patented design of this new safety platform has the simplest of operations combined with lightweight, sturdy construction. Suitable for all areas of industry where a quick and portable work platform is required including the power, gas and mining sectors.

The working area of the platform on a LADDERFORCE safety platform is large enough to allow easy mobility for personnel while wearing a tool belt. The platform has an overall width of 560mm and a working area of 465mm by 700mm.

The LADDERFORCE safety platforms also have the free value inclusion of a full surround safety rail. The hinged safety rail enables easy access onto the platform. The platform ladder can be opened and closed from the step side of the ladder without the need to go behind the platform.

Platform height Overall height Code Weight
0.6 metre 1.5 LFP06 17 Kgs
0.9 metre 1.8 LFP09 20 Kgs
1.2 metre 2.1 LFP12 22 Kgs
1.5 metre 2.4 LFP15 24 Kgs
1.8 metre 2.7 LFP18 27 Kgs
2.1 metre 3.0 LFP21 31 Kgs
2.4 metre 3.3 LFP24 35 Kgs
3.0 metre 3.9 LFP30 40 Kgs
3.6 metre 4.5 LFP36 45 Kgs

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